Upcoming Events

August 15 @ 11:00
Older Children's Bible School Zoom Meeting

Children in grades 1 and up are invited to join us for an on-line Zoom session so that we can kick off our virtual Bible school season with our older kiddos. These will be held every third Sunday of the month. 


11:00 AM



August 2-4, 2021
Virtual Vacation Bible School

Calling All Stuffed Toys-->Our VBS plans have changed! Here's how it will work. 1) Your child will let Ms. Linda Moffet borrow his/her stuffed toy (not their favorite because she needs to keep them for a little while!) Sunday, July 25 or Sunday, August 1 in exchange for a bag of VBS goodies. 2) Each morning of August 2, 3 and 4, Trinity will post photos on Facebook and the website of what your stuffed friends have been up to at church as well as links to Bible lessons, games, crafts, songs and even a virtual visit with a real seeing eye dog all based on the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount. Stuffed friends and a surprise or two will be returned to participants on Sunday, August 8. We hope that you will join us for our Pets Unleashed: Where Jesus Cares “Fur” You Virtual VBS!


Stuffed Pets due between July 25 and August 1

Facebook and our Website 


September 22 
Food Truck Night

Please join us for food and fellowship outside of Trinity. The food trucks will include: Mad Dash Grilled Cheese, Marsico's Italian, Sarah's Creamery and ShreddRRz! 


5-7:30 PM

Trinity's Parking Lot