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What? - Virtual Vacation Bible School for Trinity Lutheran Evangelical Church

When? - August 10 - August 14, 2020

Where? - This year all of our VBS activities will take place in your home!


How? - Check back soon for a list of helpful materials. All of the fun stories, crafts, recipes, puppet shows, songs, games and lessons can be found right here on the VBS tab of our website.


Day 1: Creation 

Chill: God Creates the Universe


Create: Create a Universe

God is so big. He created a universe larger than we

can imagine, filled with mystery, power and beauty.  


aCt: Nature Scavenger Hunt

God created the awesome universe, and He also 

created us and gave us a remarkable place to live. 


Celebrate: Worship, Pray & Sing

Chew: Gingerbread Universe 

God's creation was the ultimate turning point--from

nothing to everything.  



God created the universe and everything in it. We can see who God is by experiencing the beauty of His creations. 

Day 2: Ruth and Naomi

Chill: Ruth and Naomi Go Home



Create: Make a Harvest Picture 

Because they were widows, Ruth and Naomi did not have money

to buy food. Luckily, they arrived in Naomi's homeland during 

harvest time. They were allowed to follow the harvesters and gather,

or glean, any bits of grain left behind to use for making bread. 


aCt: Nature Scavenger Hunt

Ruth was given permission to glean barley in the fields 

of a man named Boaz.  



Celebrate: Worship, Pray & Sing

Chew: Easy Breadsticks 

Without the grain gleaned from Boaz's field, Ruth and Naomi

would have had nothing to eat. Boaz was so impressed with 

how loving and loyal Ruth was that he married her. They had a son, 

Obed, who was the great grandfather of King David, a forefather

of Jesus. 



Here we are showing what a loyal, loving family may look like. When Naomi was left alone in a foreign country, Ruth, her daughter-in-law, did not leave her, but traveled to Naomi's country and cared for her all her life. 

Day 3: Jesus changes everything  

Chill: Jesus Changes Everything 



Create: Roll Away the Stone  

Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins. He 

was buried in a cave-like tomb and a huge stone was 

rolled over the opening. Three days later, when his 

followers came to visit the tomb, the stone had been 

rolled away and Jesus was not there. He lives! 



aCt: Float a Boat 

Jesus and his disciples were on a boat together when 

a violent storm hit. The boat was tossed and turned

and His disciples were afraid. Jesus calmed the storm. 



Celebrate: Worship, Pray & Sing

Chew: Krispy Treat Nest 

Jesus told us that God loves us more than He loves

the birds of the air (and he loves them very much!)

Eggs are a symbol of new life and remind us of 

Jesus Christ's rebirth. 



Jesus came to earth to mend a broken world: first through healing, then through the mystery of the cross, then through partnership with His people through the Holy Spirit.  

Day 4: Martin Luther makes a Suggestion 

Chill: Martin Luther Makes a Suggestion  



Create: Vegetable Print or Rubbing 

One reason that Martin Luther's ideas spread quickly

through Europe was because of a new invention--the 

printing press with moveable type. This meant that 

copies could be made quickly instead of slowly by hand. 



aCt: Pin the Note on the Door 

In Martin Luther's time, the church doors were a kind of

bulletin board. There were no phones, internet or mail. 

Pinning his ideas to the Wittenberg Church doors made

sure that everyone would see and read them.  



Celebrate: Worship, Pray & Sing

Chew: Pretzels 

There is a legend that pretzels were invented as a

treat for children who had learned their prayers.

The shape looks like a person in prayer and the three

holes represent God the Father, God the Son and God

the Holy Spirit. 


Martin Luther.png

Martin Luther loved God and his church, but was upset by actions of the church officials that were not supported by the Bible, especially asking people to pay for forgiveness. The Bible tells us that God's forgiveness is free. We only have to ask for it. 

Day 5: 1895 Trinity Beginnings  

Chill: 1895 in Riverton, PA   



Create: Pressed Flowers and Paper Dolls

In large, heavy old Bibles you can sometimes find stains on the pages where  their


owners had slipped flowers between the pages as a remembrance. The weight and 

absorbency of the pages would press them flat and dry them out. Please try this instead 

and save your Bible for reading! 



Paper dolls existed in may culturs and were at first targeted at adults. Hand-printed paper 


dolls from France in the 1700's showed the latest women's fashion. IN 1895, paper dolls were 

sometimes used by department stores and popular magazines to sell clothes and other items,

such as soap and coffee. As printing methods became less expensive. they become a  popular

children's plaything. 


aCt: Parlor Games 

In 1895, many houses were built with a room, called a parlor, that was set aside for 

entertaining guests. When visitors came, off you all went into the parlor to chat, sing, 

read to each other, have a snack or play games like checkers, dominoes, chess, backgammon

or other parlor games.Give these parlor games a try! 



 Celebrate: Worship, Pray & Sing


Chew: Pickles and Butter 

In 1895, some houses had ice-boxes that used blocks of ice to keep food cool for a few days, 

but it was hard to keep food fresh for a long time. People would salt it, pickle it, can it or dry


it, and store it in cold cellars to make it last through the winter. 


Descending Dove.png

In 1895, a group of people were moved by the Holy Spirt to found a Lutheran congregation in what was to become Lemoyne, PA.