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We are Christ's emissaries. Within our doors, we, as the Church, hold the keys to His Kingdom. We envision Trinity, therefore, as a church with open doors and people with open hearts...

RECEPTIVE to the gifts of the Holy Spirit,

REFLECTIVE on our individual and corporate response to these gifts, and

RESPONSIVE to the spiritual and material needs of our Father's family.

Open doors and open hearts allow free access for the Spirit to infuse our lives and dictate our actions, and enable the unencumbered sharing of our gifts.

Our Vision

Our mission is to reflect God's love daily within our church, community, and world, empowering others to become disciples of Christ.

Our Mission

Our History

Founded in 1895, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church has been a part of the Lemoyne community for over 120 years. This church has born the image of Christ through two world wars, depression, floods, and fires. The people of Trinity have served the West Shore Community for more than a century through feeding ministries, mission trips, mission support, ministry to the homeless, and those in need. The people of Trinity look to live out the mission of Christ in their daily lives, offering ministries to serve the people of Lemoyne, offer opportunities for discipleship, and serve the broader community and the world.

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The Fire

In 1944, the entire church structure was destroyed by a devastating fire. In the months and years that followed, the people of Trinity, supported and bolstered by the Holy Spirit, worked together to rebuild the church. The new structure was re-dedicated by 1950 and has grown in phases since then.

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