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Christian Education

Trinity Lutheran Church believes that God revealed in Jesus Christ the source of all truth. We strive to communicate the Lutheran faith to children, youth, and adults with power and conviction knowing that the responsibility for lifelong learning in faith is part of the Christian experience. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America claims and aspires to renew its calling in education.

Join us Sundays after church for Sunday School. We have programs available for adults and children!

Each summer we also host Vacation Bible School for youth ages 3-12.


One of Martin Luther's contributions to Mass was the introduction of Hymnody, or the singing or hymns. Congregational singing, choir singing, and a bell choir are three of the various opportunities worshipers can partake in at Trinity.


We value the importance of music—how it enriches the worship experience and allows each person to offer their musical gifts and talents. We hope you will find a place to share your musical abilities.

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